Comments from Muslim Clients

Online stores… (Wessam and Mohamed from Egypt)

I visited your web site and I wonder if I can give you some informations about places where muslims get thier halal food. There are some online stores : 1- Baticrom 2- SPICE HOUSE 3- Al Falah 4- WATAN Sapporo http://watan.p[…] [Read More]

Halal food shops…. (Kobra from Bangladesh)

1. usually we collect all the halal foods including meats and dry foods from the shop “WATAN SAPPORO”. The address of the shop is kita 19 jo, nishi 3 chome. It is open from 11 am to 8 pm . 2. Another shop from where you can buy halal meat is “YAMADA NIKU”. The address is kita[…] [Read More]

I used to buy Halal meat, spices, pickles in these stores…. (E from Indonesia)

1. Watan Halal Shop, The website is (Pakistani Shop) 2. Warung Jawa, Sapporo shi kitaku kita 14 nishi 3 ZEUS building B1 (Indonesian Shop) 3.Kedai Kita, Kita 14 Nishi 3 Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido 001-0014 Well, some stores like Jupiter and Kaldi also provide Halal noodles, spices,[…] [Read More]

Regarding Halal food info, I have made a file with various food ingredients that are…. (Ayman from Egypt)

….Regarding Halal food info, I have made a file with various food ingredients that are OK, and those that are forbidden or doubtful. I made this file long time ago when I was student and it was revised by a Japanese teacher in the International Students Center in Hokkaido University (ISC). It […] [Read More]

Unfortunately there is no halal formula milk for 0-9 month old baby available in Japan because they contain Taurine…. (Hasrizal from Malaysia)

Regarding to your email about how to obtain ‘Halal Food’ in Sapporo, so here I want to share with you about that issue. For me if I want to buy the food in big quantity, I prefer to buy it from online shop , but if I want to buy it in small quantity I can find it[…] [Read More]

Pictures of Halal products … (Zakaria & Samia from Egypt)

These pictures are halal products: Kewpie mayonnaise, KAGOME ketchup, Kewpie deep roasted sesami dressing, Kewpie caesar salad dressing, Mc CORMIC marudaizu-shoyu, Mc CORMIC italian …. I want to add Kitkat chocolate, Meiji chocolate, Snickers chocloate, Parinco crackers, rice crackers and some[…] [Read More]

Halal restaurants in Sapporo… (Mokhtar & Randa from Tunisia)

….Regarding Halal food, the followings are some information: Restaurants: There are few restaurants where we can enjoy Halal food, below is the list: Mohan dish: Indian restaurant in Kita 24 Nishi 5 (please make sure and ask the Halal chicken or so) Taj Mahal: Indian restaurant in Sapporo fact[…] [Read More]

Brief introduction on Halal food…. (T. D. from Syria)

Most important issue with Halal food is that it doesn’t contain products extracted from pig or alcohol, in addition to that, if the products contain animal meat, the animal should be slaughtered in Islamic way, that is to pray before slaughtering, and blood of the animal shall flood out of the[…] [Read More]

Halal Japan By Fuwafuwa Inc…. (Fady from Muslim Student’s Association)

Regarding halal food in Hokkaido … I just want to inform you that you can view some information about Hallal food or/and product by downloading a free apple store product called: Halal Japan By Fuwafuwa Inc Fady from Muslim Students A[…] [Read More]

Baby milk, I think the only suitable one is HAI HAI milk… (Wageh from Egypt)

….Regarding Halal food, actually this matter is a bit complicated and in order to make it easy for you, please consider the following: 1- Baby milk, I think the only suitable one is HAI HAI milk, as they use fish meat as the source of protein. 2- All liquid milk is halal 3- Butter if it is pla[…] [Read More]

iPhone / iPad application and List of Haram …. (Wessam and Mohamed from Egypt)

….Attached is the list of not Halal ingredients that Muslims can’t eat or drink. And this link contains the iPhone/ iPad application for halal food in Japan, The following information is from this applicaion. Haram.pdf [Read More]