Halal restaurants in Sapporo… (Mokhtar & Randa from Tunisia)

….Regarding Halal food, the followings are some information:

There are few restaurants where we can enjoy Halal food, below is the list:
Mohan dish: Indian restaurant in Kita 24 Nishi 5 (please make sure and ask the Halal
chicken or so)
Taj Mahal: Indian restaurant in Sapporo factory
JICA training center: I guess in shiroishi (I forgot the exact address): They prepare Halal
food, call in advance to make sure the availability
Hokudai central cafeteria: lunch only
Warung Jawa: Indonesian restaurant Kita 14 Nishi 4
Aycha restaurant: Turkish restaurant; owner named Yakoub in Shiroishi: call him in advance
to check availability of Halal meat
In some other restaurants like Cocos, La Pausa, Cappricioza you can enjoy Italian cuisine
with sea food mainly, but must confirm if no other non Halal Ingredients are added
You can enjoy sushi , tempura and some other Japanese food, but confirmation is required
every time to check oils used, and other ingredients

Baby milk:
I think none is Halal, but Beanstalk Tsuyoiko and Sukoyaka does not contain pork extracts.
So it is our last choice (keep in mind they contain some animal extracts which are not
slaughtered in Islamic way)

Shops for Halal food ingredients:
Warung Jawa: Kita 14 Nishi4
Watan: kita 19 Nishi 4
Yamada Shop in Kita 10 Higashi 5 (Halal Chicken is available)
Hokudai Coop near Clark Hall in Hokkaido University (Halal Chicken is available)
Seisen Ichiba: Kita 10 Higashi 6 (Sometimes Halal Chicken is available)

Baby Milk/Formula