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To International residents in Sapporo area:

Do your Japanese language skills stop you from going to see a doctor? Don’t worry! Help is at hand!
We specialize in helping the foreign community meet with doctors using English. Please spread the word! Let your friends and colleagues know about us. If you need our help or would like to join us, send us a message using the contact form below or e-mail us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

What we do:
– Interpret for the foreign community at a doctor’s clinic or at a hospital.
– Organize in-house medical English seminars
– Interpret for the elderly or new mothers at their homes or at other health care institutions
– Organize seminars for volunteer medical interpreters (jointly hosted by the Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation)
– Organize workshops for the improvement of interpreting skills


How can you help us get better prepared?
When you send a request for an interpreter by email, please describe the disease in detail, such as symptoms, medical history and your hospital name.

After we receive your request for an interpreter, we will check to see who is available for assignment. The assigned interpreter (or the contact person) will then send an email back to you. After we obtain the required information from you, we will then decide the location, date, and time to meet with our assigned interpreter.

We appreciate when you give us information regarding your medical condition, so that we can be better prepared. We also appreciate if you are able to send your requests in advance if you are aware of your appointment details, since we have a limited number of interpreters that we can assign to clients.

All comments are welcome!
Your confidentiality is guaranteed.

E-mail: SEMIsapporo (at)
Contact person: Megumi Terao


Volunteer opportunities at NPO SEMI Sapporo:
If you are a native English speaker living “anywhere on earth” and are willing to help us with proof-reading as a volunteer, your help would be greatly appreciated.
We need to translate various materials given to patients by hospitals or health centers. These handouts are, in most cases, written in Japanese only. To clarify, our main activity is medical interpreting. However, we occasionally need to translate documents in our role as interpreters, since most of the documents provided by hospitals, the Sapporo city webpage, and most hospital webpages are written in Japanese.

– Please give us your correct email address, or you will not receive our reply.  If you haven’t received our reply in 1 to 3 days, please re-send your email.