Our Service

What we do:
We interpret for the foreign community at clinics and hospitals.


Those eligible for our service:
International residents in and around Sapporo.


How to use our service:
1) Send us a message using the contact form or email.
We appreciate that urgent appointments may arise. However, we ask that you send your request around a week (at the latest, at least a few days) in advance of your appointment.
2) After we receive your request for an interpreter, we will check to see who is available for assignment.
3) The assigned interpreter (or the contact person) will send an email back to you.
If you have sent a request and you still haven’t heard from your assigned interpreter three days before your appointment, please send us a reminder email.
4) We will decide the location, date, and time to meet after we obtain the required information from you.


The fee:
Our services are free for international residents who use clinics and hospitals in Sapporo. However, an interpretation fee may be charged by SEMI for travelers and those whose medical expenses are not covered by their health insurance. Whether a fee will be charged is dependent upon each individual’s particular circumstances.


What we do not accept:
If a client assaults, uses abusive language towards, or otherwise harasses one of SEMI’s members or anyone else, that client will no longer be able to make use of SEMI’s services.


How you can help us get better prepared:
When you send a request for an interpreter by email, please describe your condition in detail, such as symptoms, medical history, and the medical institution where your appointment is located.


Your confidentiality is guaranteed.