Dear team SEMI,

Today I got discharged from hospital. The surgery and all administrative work went smoothly, this wouldn’t have been possible without your wonderful support. I am very grateful to my SEMI coordinators and interpreters. SEMI’s work is truly a blessing for foreigners like me.

Thank you very much ーFrom B.A.P. on Aug. 24, 2019

Hi there!!

Baby L, E & I would just like to say THANK YOU SOOO SOOO MUCH to SEMI!!!!

We couldn’t have gotten through this time without everyone’s help!!!

We really can’t thank y’all enough!!! ーFrom C.H. on Aug. 8, 2019

I highly appreciate the support and the service throughout the visits to the clinic. All interpreters are very professional and explained everything clearly. This is a great support for me. Thank you for your kindness and the great service. ―From P.K. on Aug. 3, 2019

Good morning ,
Really I would like to express our deep gratitude me and A for your continuous support and help during our long journey tell we are going home now. Really your help facilitate many things during this journey. Many thanks for your priceless help.
Please accept our deep gratitude.——From A. N. and M. on Nov. 21, 2017

Dear Akiko
Good day. I just want to thank you for all your assistance in helping me finding a hospital and providing me with an interpreter.
Shihoko San was very kind, accommodating, and understanding at the same time. It was really nerve-racking at first but Shihoko San was very helpful and explained to me everything in the way that I can understand. I am very grateful for it. I am feeling so much better now and on the following month I will have another appointment and it is already arranged thanks to Shihoko San.

Thank you again for your generosity I am truly humbled. As a foreigner your organization makes our lives better and may you continue your service for many years to come. Your kindness and generosity will remain with me forever.―From M.A. on Apr. 26, 2017

Thank you very much again SEMI, for sending Yoko K. san to help, it is incredible how much difference makes an interpreter. People of the Hospital seem to be more patient and keen to teach, such time given, the human interaction, helped greatly, creating sort of a trust bond helping me relax a little and do what I needed to do. If Yoko K. san wasn’t there I may have delayed my check again, worsening my troubles.
Most grateful thanks again,——From E. S. on Dec 22, 2016

With a hearth full of joy.
Today been the last day of my medical checkup, I will like to express my profound gratitude to the Sapporo English medical interpreters. I love and appreciate all your effort towards my medical checkups and would like to say a very big thank you for all your efforts. Thanks for the translations, thanks for your supports and thanks for being there for me, my God will continue to bless you all. THANKS A LOT AND LOVE YOU ALL “——From A. M.

Hi there. I am a graduate student in Hokkaido University and have my family living here with me; my child who is two years of age and my wife who is working part time. My wife and I hardly speak Japanese, so every time we need to take our child to medical check-ups, vaccination, etc we really have a hard time and we are reluctant to do so. When the time that we need to apply our child to a nursery it was extremely difficult. When we learned about SEMI it was a great relief and was able to apply at the Kita ward. I have used their service for a few times but I can say that you will get all the help you need starting from making a call to a clinic, filling up some papers, translation, and they will even explain the situation and they do this in a nice and comfortable way. The good thing about their system is that they don’t ask for anything, they are just here to help foreigners like us who can’t speak Japanese but of course there are some ways that we can help them too and I think that it is not that difficult. If I have to rate their system I can say only one word, GREAT!!! Thank you very much SEMI for your help.”——From E. S.

I have been introduced to SemiSapporo through my wife Japanese teacher. I had a sever back pain that lasted for long time, however, I was lazy to go to doctor mainly because of the language barrier, but after I contacted SemiSapporo group, I found my self with a doctor the next day. The interpreter was extremely nice and supportive with fluent English skills, and she did not only interpret for me, but also she was caring for my situation, and took her time to wait with me for a long time till I got to the doctor room. From that time, I feel relief now about my medical situation, since I know there is some one there to help. Thank you very much.”——From T. D.

We had only been in Sapporo for a few months with very little knowledge about Japanese culture or the language when I started going to the hospital for maternity checkups. Before I knew about SEMI and their services, my husband and I struggled through the appointments especially because of communication problems. As we were first-time parents, the inability to communicate added to the growing anxiety we had of the pregnancy and birth. SEMI really helped us feel more at ease, accompanying us to hospital visits when interpreters were needed and making it easier for us to ask questions to hospital staff. Regardless of how early or late it was during the day, SEMI was always there for us, helping us with communicating and filling out forms that were all written in Japanese. Without them, we would have been at a loss.
Thank you again SEMI for the help you have given us during our pregnancy and even after the birth of our son. We would have been at a loss without you. We are truly grateful for the work you do.——–From S. P.

I was very lazy to go to hospital because i couldn’t speak and write Japanese. It was very easy to contact SEMI volunteer and things went well at the hospital. The interpreter was very kind and was able to explain procedures, instructions ,…. So i was very satisfied. Thank you so much SEMI volunteers for your help. ——–From H. M.

Last year I was in Sapporo for a few months, and had to go to a doctor to refill my prescription. I contacted SEMI, and they called several
doctors to find out which was most convenient for me. Once they set up an appointment, they gave me directions to the clinic, and offered to accompany me. They were very helpful, and I highly recommend their
services. — From E. K.

It is with sad heart that this email is now officially also a good-bye to you, Megumi and Shihoko, but also to Saori-san, and the entire SEMI group. Your group provides such great value to foreigners like me, and your kindness and patience is second to none. I am so happy that I have met so many of you (either in clinics, or during my presentation) and my encounters with you, even in the clinics, will stand out as a highlight of my 4 month stay in Sapporo. I will miss you and always remember this as a very good time.  ——From W.C.