札幌中国語医療通訳グループ(SCI) :
If you need a Chinese-Japanese interpreter, please email to :
中国語の通訳を必要な方は 札幌中国語医療通訳グループ にメールで問い合わせてください:
email address:
contact person: (Ms.) Umezawa (梅沢)


City of Sapporo English(札幌市):

City of Sapporo  Multilingual Materials:

Sapporo City Call Center (札幌市コールセンター) phone number: 011-222-4894

Search for Medical Institution

Hokkaido emergency healthcare website:

JNTJapan National Tourism Organization:English, Chinese, Korean, Thai
For safe travels in Japan. Guide for when you are feeling ill.


Hokkaido Foreign Resident Support Center by Hokkaido international Exchange and Cooperation Center(HIECC):北海道外国人相談センター
phone number:  011-200-9595   E-mail: 

Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation ((財)札幌国際プラザ):


What you need to do if you need Childcare Service in Sapporo 2021
Material used in Childcare seminar “Applying to Public Daycare Centers” on Oct. 8. 2021.

Sapporo Childcare Guide 2021(in English): さっぽろ子育てガイド2021


A Guide to Living in Sapporo (さっぽろ「くらしのガイド」) :


Council of Local Authorities for International Relations((財)自治体国際化協会(CLAR=クレア))-Multilingual living Information (多言語生活情報):



“Parenting in Sapporo” by Hokkaido University International Women’s club (「赤ちゃんと子どもの さっぽろのくらし」):

“The Support Guide for Moms and Babies for people from other countries living in Japan” by Researching and Supporting Multi-Cultural Healthcare Service(RASC) (「ママとあかちゃんのサポート」 ):

“WHO vaccine preventable diseases: monitoring system. 2020 global summary ”:


“Vaccination Information in your country from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan”:


“The Foundation of the Vaccination Research Center”:

English version of booklet of “Vaccination and Children’s Health 2021”

Vaccination &Children’s Health in English20210915.pdf



“National Association for Medical Interpreters”(NAMI): 一般社団法人全国医療通訳者協会:


Animal quarantine information for travelers to Japan:


Last updated on December 20, 2021