札幌中国語医療通訳グループ :
If you need a Chinese-Japanese interpreter, please email to :
中国語の通訳を必要な方は 札幌中国語医療通訳グループ にメールで問い合わせてください:
email address:
contact person: (Ms.) Umezawa (梅沢)


City of Sapporo English(札幌市):

City of Sapporo  Multilingual Materials:

Sapporo City Call Center (札幌市コールセンター) phone number: 011-222-4894


Hokkaido emergency healthcare website:


Female Researchers in Hokkaido University (FResHU)


Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation ((財)札幌国際プラザ):


Sapporo Childcare Guide 2019:


Hand book for Daily Life in Sapporo(さっぽろ「くらしのガイド」) :


Council of Local Authorities for International Relations((財)自治体国際化協会(CLAR=クレア))-Multilingual living Information (多言語生活情報):


Japan National Tourism Organization:English, Chinese, Korean, Thai
For safe travels in Japan. Guide for when you are feeling ill.


“Parenting in Sapporo” by Hokkaido University International Women’s club (「赤ちゃんと子どもの さっぽろのくらし」):


“WHO Vaccine Preventable Diseases Monitoring System”:


“Vaccination Information in your country from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan”:


“The Foundation of the Vaccination Research Center”:

   English version of booklet of “Vaccination and Children’s Health 2019” &Children’sHealth 20190724.pdf



“National Association for Medical Interpreters”(NAMI): 一般社団法人全国医療通訳者協会:


List of medical institutions available for foreign language(s)(English version) by Hokkaido Government: