We sent this email to Muslim clients:

Dear Muslim clients,
We would like to provide some information on Halal food on our website.
However, as you know, all the SEMI Sapporo members are not Muslim.
We would appreciate it if you could offer any information or advice on Halal food for Muslims in Sapporo. For example, how you obtain Halal food here, information for Halal food that is available at usual supermarkets/grocery stores, Halal milk or baby food for Muslim babies, Halal snacks and so on.
This information helps not only current and future Muslim residents of Sapporo but also staffs at hospitals, day care centers and kindergartens.
We would like to upload your advice or comments on our website. We want to add your initial or first name and country in order to make sure that the information is provided from Muslim people.
If you would like to share Halal information, please email us.→

We have received many responses.
And we divided them into several categories for your convenience.
Please read them carefully and use at your own discretion.



We greatly appreciate all clients who contributed to this project by sending us their comments. Please be aware that we have deleted any submitted information on shops and restaurants that were confirmed to be closed as of December 2023.