Brief introduction on Halal food…. (T. D. from Syria)

Most important issue with Halal food is that it doesn’t contain products extracted
from pig or alcohol, in addition to that, if the products contain animal meat, the
animal should be slaughtered in Islamic way, that is to pray before slaughtering,
and blood of the animal shall flood out of the body. Islam views slaughtering
animals to eat their meat as oblation for GOD, so praying before killing with its
blood comes out is necessary. If the animal killed in electrical shock for example
and died before slaughtering, then in Islam it is considered as a dead body and
eating dead bodies is forbidden in Islam. This is a brief introduction on Halal

Regarding the places where I get Halal products
One is Indian shop
Also there is a Japanese butcher that provides halal meat, called Yamada niku,
4-2-43 Kita 10 Jo Higashi Higashi Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture 065-0010 Japan
+81 11-741-0111

Of course, in the normal Japan supermarkets, you can find vegetables and fruits and milk products, these products are usually fine.