Halal food shops…. (Kobra from Bangladesh)

1. usually we collect all the halal foods including meats and dry foods from the shop Watan Saporo Halal Food.

The address of the shop is ZEUS Bldg.B1F, 1-15, Kita 14, Nishi 3, Kita-ku, Sapporo

2. Another shop from where you can buy halal meat is “YAMADA NIKU”. The address is kita 9 jo, higashi 5 chome.

3. In the case of baby food, I know the only formula milk which is halal using fish protein is “BEAN STALK”. It is available at any drug store TSURUHA.

4. In case of snacks, we usually buy the products by checking the ingredients name printed on the pack. We avoid products containing pork oil, pork fat, animal fat, animal oil, “shortening” from animal oil, “gelatin” ( which extracted from pork bones) which is a most common item of icecream, cakes, jam, and jellys. And also the drinks and products containing alcohol, ram is prohibited for us.

We can eat the shortening from vegetable oil and also all the products from vegetable oil.

Baby Milk/Formula