Protect yourself from the norovirus

Food poisoning due to the norovirus occurs frequently between November and March. Please keep in mind the following points to prevent food poisoning.

①Thoroughly wash your hands with soap before preparing food, after going out, or after using the toilet.
②Heat foods that could potentially be contaminated with norovirus thoroughly.
③After washing cooking utensils, disinfect them with hot water or chlorine bleach.
④Refrain from cooking if you have diarrhea or other symptoms of food poisoning.
⑤When dealing with vomit or feces, disinfect the contaminated areas with chlorine bleach.
⑥Disinfecting with ordinary rubbing alcohol is not guaranteed to be effective in disinfecting norovirus.

Please visit a medical institution if you start to have symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhea.

Note from SEMI:
Children’s general health must be good in order for them to be able to attend a daycare center.
Parents whose child has recently recovered from an infectious disease, including norovirus, must submit a report, before their child returns to daycare.

based on information from Sapporo City