Infectious Childhood Diseases which require a Parental Report of recovery confirmed by a doctor. 医師の診断を受け、保護者が記入する登園届が必要な感染症

To parents whose child has recently recovered from an infectious disease:
Before your child returns to day care, please submit the report. (The child’s general health must be good in order for him/her to be able to attend the day care center.)
Day care centers are where infants and young children spend a lot of time participating in group activities. It is important not only to prevent infectious diseases from breaking out and spreading, but also for children to stay well and be comfortable there.
The chart below lists infectious childhood diseases which may require a parental report of recovery confirmed by a doctor (However, there is no uniform requirement for submission.). Your child can return to the day care center when he/she has recovered from the disease and can once again participate in group activities at his/her Day Care.

Name of Disease Incubation Period Contagious Period A child can return to day care
Streptococcal Infection 2-7 days Before and 1 day after starting treatment with the appropriate antibiotics. After the main symptoms have subsided and 1 or 2 days have passed after starting administration of antibiotics.
Mycoplasma Pneumonia 1-3 weeks Before and several days after starting treatment with the appropriate antibiotics. When symptoms such as fever and severe cough have subsided.
Viral Gastroenteritis (Stomachflu)(Norovirus, Rotavirus, Adenovirus e.t.c.) 1-3 days When symptomatic and for 1 week after being free of symptoms. (Beware that the virus continues to be excreted for several weeks, though becomes weaker.) When diarrhea stops and general health condition is good.
Herpangina (mouth blisters)
Hand-foot-and- mouth disease
2-5 days For several days in the acute stage. (Beware that the virus is excreted in the stool for about 1 month.) When the fever has subsided and regular food can be taken without being affected by blisters or ulcers in the mouth.
Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) 4-6 days While having respiratory symptom. When respiratory problems such as a cough have improved and general condition is good.
Shingles/herpes zoster    While blisters are forming. After all the spots have formed crusts.
Roseola infantum (sixth disease)     When the fever has subsided, the child is a good mood, and good general health with/without a rash.

Day care centers in Sapporo allow children to attend day care with slap cheek disease (a fifth disease) if their general condition is good, even though a rash can be seen.

Please print out and fill out the form below when needed. Sapporo Pediatric Association allows you to use these English-Japanese forms in replacement of the Japanese version provided.
Parental Report confirming Child’s Recovery from an Infectious Disease  感染症罹患後の保護者の登園届 (日英併記版)

Please check the article, Infectious diseases that prevent a child from attending day care without permission from a doctor.   感染症罹患後の登園許可

Sapporo Association of Nursery Affiliated Doctors

Revised on Jan.19,2022