Sapporo-city offers rubella testing and/or vaccination for men who have the possibility of not being immune to rubella.

Sapporo-city offers rubella testing and/or vaccination for men who have the possibility of not being immune to rubella.

If you were born between April 2,1972 and April 1, 1979, you will receive this letter from Sapporo city after May 7, 2019.

If you were born between April 2, 1962 and April 1, 1972, please apply using the link below.

Application form for rubella antibody test and vaccination (in Japanese)

Free rubella antibody test for preventing Congenital Rubella Syndrome is currently being offered.

If you are eligible for both services, please choose this new service. You can receive free rubella vaccination from this service, if your test result is negative.

If you have previously had this test, received the rubella vaccination, or been diagnosed with rubella, you are not eligible for this test.

You don’t need to receive this test if you had the antibody test after April 1, 2014 and have a record showing a measurement of rubella antibody titer such as > 1:16 of HI antibody or >6.0 IU/ML of EIA-IgG levels.

Where is it performed?

The rubella antibody tests are available at medical institutes listed by the health ministry.

You will find the list of medical institutes by Sapporo city ( in Japanese) in this web page.

If you moved to Sapporo city after April 1, 2019, please check this website. (in Japanese)

How can I get the rubella antibody test?

Bring your coupon and a form of identification showing your present address such as a driver’s license, an insurance card, or the Individual Number card.  Do not detach the coupon. The test should be done before the expiration date. Please make sure to bring necessary documents to the medical institute when making an appointment with them.

If your antibody test result shows a low antibody titer, <= 1:8 of HI antibody or <6.0 IU/ ML of EIA- IgG levels, you can receive a rubella vaccination with a free coupon. We recommend the rubella vaccination to prevent being infected.

When you receive the rubella vaccination,

Please bring

1. Coupon for the free vaccination. (Don’t detach the coupon.)

2. A form of ID card such as your driver’s license, your insurance card or “Individual Number Card” (個人番号カードKojin Bango Ka-do) etc.

3. The medical consultation form of the rubella antibody test showing negative result.

Sometimes you may be asked to show your hospital card, the negative test result of rubella antibody test taken after April 1,2014 and/or Maternal and child health handbook.

Infectious Disease Control and Prevention, Sapporo Public Health Office