Are you National Health Insurance (NHI, “Kokuho”) card holder?

 Changes to National Health Insurance Premiums and Sending of New Insurance Cards(City of Sapporo Information)

NHI card (in Japanese):

The National Health Insurance premiums for the year 2021 have been decided.

Please check the insurance premiums in the payment notice sent to you.

A new insurance card will be sent in late July. Please cut your current insurance card into smaller pieces and destroy it after Sunday, August 1st.

Contact: City of Sapporo Call Center


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Refer to: How to find a hospital at SEMI Sapporo website :

Please bring your new insurance card starting Aug. 1st 2021, when you go to a hospital.

If you visit a doctor without a current valid insurance card, you must pay medical costs in full upfront. To apply for a reimbursement, you need to visit the insurance and pension section in your ward office and submit documents as well as medical receipt and invoice. Upon approval, approximately 70% of your medical expenses will be reimbursed.

 For more information visit the site: If you visit a doctor without a current valid insurance card (in Japanese):

Be aware that Child Medical Expense Subsidy Card called Pink Card expires each year at the end of July too. Be sure to get your new pink card before it expires.

Additional information: Deduction about Insurance Premiums for low income household by Sapporo city (in Japanese)

Last reviewed on July 14, 2021