To those who cannot get to a clinic or health center for your child’s next vaccinations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your child can still receive routine vaccination even after he/she has passed the specified target age. If he/she had COVID-19 infection, have met a COVID-19 infected person closely and needs health monitoring, or he/she was restricted from going out, please let medical institution know. For the time being, they will consider this information as part of the routine vaccination schedule.

For the vaccinations listed below, the cost you have already paid is refundable upon your request to the medical institution.

If your child missed a vaccination, because the baby was born in your hometown outside of Sapporo city, the child is still eligible. Please consult with your health center.

Designated routine vaccinations:

For children:

DPT-IPV, DPT, DT, inactivated polio virus (IPV), measles, rubella, MR, Hib, PCV13, HPV, varicella, Japanese encephalitis, HBV

For elderly people: pneumococcal vaccination

Please refer to “Vaccination Schedule chart”

Based on the information of Sapporo city