Vaccination Schedule chart

“Vaccination Schedule Recommended by Japan Pediatric Society”

Please refer to Japan Pediatric Society, to obtain up-to date information.

 Vaccination Schedule Recommended by the Japan Pediatrics Society as of August 1, 2018 (in English)

 Vaccination Schedule (日本小児学会推奨ワクチンスケジュール)as of August 1, 2018  (in Japanese )

 Vaccination Catch-up Schedule as of January 15, 2017 (in Japanese)

Note: Making a Vaccination Plan
Recommended vaccinations start at 2 months of age. Individual planning is important. Ask your pediatrician or public health nurse to help you. If you plan to leave Japan in the near future, tell your doctor or nurse.

Vaccination with multiple vaccines does not change the rate of immunity acquisition
or risk of side effects.
Interchangeability of vaccine brands/products :
Please keep using the same product. If you change the brand of vaccine, vaccination may not result in effective immunity. However completion of the series of shots should be the priority.

Nobuko Kawamata M.D.

“Vaccination Schedule in Japan presented by National Institute of Infectious Diseases (Japan)” revised on Oct.1, 2016        (NIID) 国立感染症研究所

*As for the intervals between two different vaccines, please refer to the following.
“The intervals at which different vaccines are given to a child.pdf”

Taken from “Vaccination and Children’s Health.pdf”
“Vaccination and children’s Health 2018 in foreign languages”
Written and edited: The Review Committee for Vaccination Guidelines

The Foundation of the Vaccination Research Center