More tests have been added to pregnant check-up coupons

As of April 2016, * The Irregular antibody test and Pap Smear are now covered as items in pregnant check-up coupons.

The Irregular antibody test is covered by the blood test coupon and the Pap smear is covered by  the vaginal discharge test coupon in the first trimester..

If you received the Maternal and Child Health Handbook,【母子手帳】“Boshi-Techo”, in April 2016 or later, these tests are included in the pregnant check-up coupons. If you have already received the Boshi-Techo by March and the first and/or the second coupon is not used yet, the costs for the tests will be added to the respective coupons.

*If you are irregular antibody positive, you may have a risk of  an incompatibility between mother and baby or severe side effects during  blood transfusion. The Irregular antibody test will help prevent these problems.