the Childbirth Lump-Sum Allowance


As of April 1, 2023, the grant given was increased from 420,000 yen to 500,000 yen if the baby will be delivered at a medical institution enrolled in the Japan Obstetric Compensation System, and from 408,000 yen to 488,000 yen if the baby will be delivered at a non-member medical institution or other.
Based on the information from Sapporo city.

As the childbirth is not a disease, it is not covered by health insurance and it will cost between 420.000 and 550.000 yen to give birth in Sapporo.
However, if you are covered by any of the Japanese Health Insurance system, your health insurance association pays you 500.000 yen per baby. Or 488.000 yen if your hospital is not enrolled in the Obstetric Medical Compensation System.

If you present your Health Insurance card and fill out the consent form for the Direct Payment System when you are hospitalized for delivery, your health insurance association will pay the full-amount of the Childbirth Lump-Sum Allowance directly to the hospital.
If your delivery expense exceed 500.000 yen, you must pay the balance directly to the hospital.
If your expenses are less than 500.000 yen, the balance will be refunded to you by the health insurance association.

For further information please refer to (Japanese)

Health Promotion Section, Sapporo Public Health Office

Last reviewed on Apr. 19, 2023