Childbirth Assistance Program: Nyuin-Josan-Seido

【入院助産制度】(にゅういんじょさんせいど)”Nyuin Josan Seido”
【助産施設制度】(じょさんしせつせいど)“Josan Shisetsu Seido”

If you are living in Sapporo, you can be justified for financial difficulty to pay the cost of childbirth, and your household is exempt from paying city tax or you are a welfare recipient, you can qualify for the Childbirth Assistance Program.

Subsidy for hospitalization and birth is offered by Sapporo City for those who fulfill the requirements under the program. 5 Birthing facilities are available in Sapporo. Ob-Gyn doctors are available at four out of the five birthing facilities. However, please note that at Ai-no-Sato midwifery clinic, a doctor is not available and therefore the midwife cannot perform medical procedures for deliveries that have complications.

Please see the tables on the following pdf for contact information of these facilities.

Nyuin Josan Facilities

Please visit your ward office if you have financial difficulties.

Information from Sapporo city (Japanese)

Child Care Support Department, Bureau for the Future of Children, Sapporo City                    Last  Reviewed on Apr. 12, 2023