Childbirth classes and the textbook

Childbirth classes

Sapporo city holds classes for new expectant mothers. There are talks on for how to spend your pregnancy, how to raise children, as well as practical experience. (Fathers can also join)

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The health center provides Childbirth Classes, please check your nearest.**
In this picture, this lady is practicing bathing a baby with a baby doll.
Sapporo city holds classes for new parents-to-be. Midwife or Public Health Nurse gives you talks on for how to spend your pregnancy, how to raise children, as well as practical experience.
Health Center offers various services for expectant mothers and parents and children. For further information, contact Health Center as the date may change.

“A Baby is on the Way! ”(The English version of the”Wagaya ni Akachan ga Yattekuru” わが家に赤ちゃんがやってくる!)

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This brochure is used as the textbook for classes for expectant mothers and parents offered by the City of Sapporo.

Please take this brochure along when you attend these classes.

The brochure includes useful information on pregnancy and taking care of a baby up to one year. It is also used during the Home Visit Service for Newborns and Mothers provided by the City of Sapporo.

Please keep it on hand until your baby is about 1 year old.

 Note : The textbook in Japanese will be given to all pregnant women along with the maternal and child health handbook (boshitecho) when they submit their notice of pregnancy at the health center.  Please ask for the English version at that time, if necessary.    SEMI Sapporo

Message to the Mother and Father from Sapporo City

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Despite the joy and excitement of bringing a new life into the world, you probably have various concerns.

If you hold your unborn baby’s life dear, and you and your husband cooperate as much as possible, you will be able to enjoy pregnancy, childbirth and parenting.

Parenting is not just about raising a child; parents also grow and their lives are enhanced. This textbook is intended to help expectant mothers enjoy their pregnancy and take care of their baby with peace of mind.

The 2011 French version of the textbook: “Bebe arrive a la maison”

Unfortunately, the updated 2014 version is not available in French. You can, however, get the 2011 (April) version here : “Textbook in French”.



**Each ward has information of Childbirth Classes in 2019. (in Japanese)

Ward Target group URL.
Higashi-ku 東区 Expectant mothers  
Minami-ku 南区 Expectant mothers <
Nishi-ku 西区 Expectant mothers
Kiyota-ku 清田区 Expectant mothers
Shiroishi-ku 白石区 For expectant mothers & for parents
Toyohira-ku 豊平区 Expectant mothers  
kita-ku 北区 Expectant mothers
Atsubetsu-ku 厚別区 Expectant mothers  
Teine-ku 手稲区 Expectant mothers


Health Promotion Section, Sapporo Public Health Office