Materials from childrearing Seminars in 2018 Have Been Published.

Did you miss the 2018 Childcare Seminar?  Don’t worry! You can download all the materials.

In 2018, the Sapporo International Communication Plaza held three childrearing seminars for foreign nationals raising children in Sapporo. All the materials used for those seminars are available at the Sapporo International Communication Plaza’s website.

Raising children in Sapporo and vaccinations
On vaccinations and common infectious illnesses in children.

For Happy Childbirth and Parenting in Sapporo
On services offered at health centers, including health check-ups and childrearing classes for parents.

Finding childcare facilities in Sapporo
How childcare facilities are set-up and how to apply.

Childrearing Seminar “Let’s enjoy winter”
Introduces winter clothing and outdoor activities, tips for playing indoors, and facilities throughout the city geared towards children.

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