Postpartum care at Midwife clinic

Listening to Mother’s Concerns.

A midwife will provide care to you and your baby according to yours and your baby’s condition and your concerns. You can stay  overnight in the clinic or just during the day. Sapporo city now offers a partial subsidy to mothers with newborn babies who use the postpartum care service at a midwife clinic.

The kinds of postpartum care provided:

  • Consultation: We will decide what you need, after consultation.
  • Relaxation: You can relax with your baby.
  • Breastfeeding advice: A midwife will advise you on the best timing for breastfeeding and breastfeeding techniques.

There are 8 designated midwife clinics in Sapporo.

Name Address Tel.
(Ainosato Josanin)
4-4 Ainosato Kita-ku 011-778-1703
(Sakura Josan-in)
East 14 North 16 Higashi-ku 011-721-1778
(Arijyu Maternity House)
2-1 Kikusui-Kamimachi Shiroishi-ku 011-814-1103
(Tsurube Josan-in)
3-2 Kitago Shiroishi-ku 011-376-1913
(Sango Care House Sun-Sun Josan-in)
1-4 Kiyota Kiyota-ku 0120-352833
(Josan-in E.Ku.Bo.)
6-10 Hassamu Nishi-ku 011-666-0814
ユキコカンガルー助産院 New!
(Yukiko Kangaroo Josan-in)
West 23 South 1 Chuo-ku 090-1775-5592
フィール 助産院  New!
(Feel Josan-in)
5 Maruyama-Nishi-machi Chuo-ku 090-6994-6699


Who is eligible for this service?

Mothers whose babies are younger than 4 months, who can’t get enough support with household chores or baby care from their family and who therefore feel very tired, blue and/or anxious about raising children.

Each clinic can accommodate about 2 persons per day.

Fees: ¥1,000 for daytime. ¥3,000 for overnight with 3 meals.  One family can use this service for up to 4 days.

How to apply:  You must call to make an appointment at least two business days prior to a consultation visit.

Based on the information from Sapporo city