How to use sterilizing solution

How to use this solution for sterilizing for baby bottles and nipples

Milton and Milkpon are solutions to sterilize baby bottles and nipples.

Sterilising Fluid is a sterilizing solution produced by Milton and the English video from the UK is available at:

However, please note that how Milton should be diluted and how long items should be immersed differs between Milton made in Japan and the one made in the UK.

Milton is very similar to Milkpon and very simple to understand with pictures, the Japanese website is,
At the website, there are 3 simple step instructions with pictures (in Japanese). The English translation is provided below:

Milton uses childproof containers, to open the cap press and twist CCW.

1. Dish detergent is used for washing baby bottles and breast pump, by taking them apart and rinsing thoroughly. 

2. Dilute Milton 80 times. (Add 80 units of water to 1 unit of Milton .) For example, if you fill a container with 4 liters of cold water, add 50ml of Milton in it.The white lid of the Milton container is designed to be used as a measuring cup.
Everything is sterilized by immersing in the solution for at least 1 hour.  The same solution of Milton can be used again for up to 24 hours.

3. Take the items out of the Milton solution and they are ready to use.
Pick them up with your clean hands or a tong designed for bottles, from the solution just before feeding. Please shake them off well to drain, then make formula.
If you don’t like the smell you can rinse them with running water, it will not compromise sterilization.

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