Exercises for lower back pain(2)

Do you have back pain? Try these exercises every day to alleviate lower back pain, stretch and strengthen your back muscles. These muscle treatments will not only ease but also prevent any back pain you might have.

Exercises for lower back pain (2) 

For the Purpose of Reinforcing Muscular Strength.


  1. Start by completing each exercise 5 to 6 times, gradually increasing to 10 times and then 20 times.
  2. These exercises will be more effective if you hold each position for 3 to 6 seconds.



Tighten your stomach muscles as shown in the picture and lie flat with your back against the floor.


Round your back and raise your upper body with both knees bent. You can do this by first extending both arms forward. Once you’ve mastered this movement, you can also try crossing your arms in front of your chest or touching your ears.


Raise your upper body and alternate between rotating left and right.




Bring your knees up and keep your feet on the floor. While tightening your buttocks, raise up slowly, gradually moving higher and higher.


Bring one knee up with your foot still on the floor. Straighten your other leg in the air and lift your buttocks up as high as possible.



Kneel on all fours with your back straight. Tighten your stomach. Raise one arm in front of you and keep your back in a neutral position. Try to keep your pelvis level and do not rotate your body. Do this on each side. Next, instead of your arm, try lifting your leg behind and repeat on each side. Lie on your stomach and do the same movement.



Sit down on a chair and straighten your right knee by tightening your thigh. Do the same exercise for your left knee. Repeat, alternating between left and right.



Stand on the ground with your feet flat and 30 cm apart. Squat and slowly move back to the starting position. (You may tilt your body forward slightly, but not too much.)

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