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Do you have any concerns about your child’s development?

What to do when you have concerns about your child‘s development

If you notice that your child has delays in language development, has strong obsessions, doesn’t respond when his/her name is called, is restless among other signs, first consult at either facilities or opportunities below. In either case, they should advise you on what to do next and guide you to consultations or the medical institutions best for you.

  • Regular health check-ups
    Please consult your local Health Center staff about your child’s development during regular checkups.
  • Daycare, kindergarten or school
    You can always consult with your child’s teacher about your child’s development.
  • Specialized institutions
    See below for specialized institutions and consultation services.


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Child Development Support/Afterschool Day Services

After consulting with professionals, your child may be recommended to attend special daycare services for children with developmental concerns.

This service provides basic training for daily activities, knowledge and skills, and adaptive training for group living targeted towards children with developmental concerns.

 There are two types, Child Development Support for Preschool Children, and Afterschool Day Services for school-aged children.

 How to use the daycare service

In order to use the daycare service, you need to apply for the service and be approved by your local Ward Office. If your family qualifies, you may have to pay only 10% for the service.

This procedure can be complicated so please do not hesitate to ask for assistance from SEMI or staff at your local Ward Office.

Flow for application:

  1. Visit and tour the facility you wish to attend in advance, and check if there are available spots.
    Obtain one of the following:
    ・Rehabilitation certificate or disability certificate
    ・Doctor’s certificate of diagnosis
    ・An opinion or referral letter from a specialized institution or consulting service
    (See below for specialized institutions or consulting services)
  1. At the Health and Welfare Section of your Ward Office ask for application form and submit it with either of above.
  1. You will be given a request form to submit to a consultation support office. The consultation support office will make a plan for your child’s facility use.However, you can also create the plan by yourself.
  1. The office will check your eligibility.
    ・A staff member from the ward office will visit your home and investigate the child’s physical and mental condition, caregiver’s situation, and residential environment.
  1. Submit the plan of facility use to the Health and Welfare Section of your Ward Office.
  1. If approved, you will receive the “Jukyūsya-Syō”.
    ・90% of the cost of the service will be paid by the government and you only need to pay 10% of the cost.
    ・ However, the Ward Office decides and limits the number of days the child can use the service per month, depending on the child’s and family’s condition and environment, so service costs could change based on how many days you use the service.
    ・ They set a maximum monthly service cost, depending on your income. If your payment exceeds this, you only need to pay the maximum monthly service cost.
  1. You will be able to use the service by showing the certificate ” Tsūsyo Shien Jukyūsya-Syō” and making a contract with the facility.


     Flow chart for application

flow chart

Professional Institutions and Consultation organizations

If you have any concerns or worries about childcare, feel free to discuss with organizations below. Confidentiality will be protected.

〇 Places where you can consult about child rearing and communicate with other mothers.


〇 When you wish to consult about your child’s development
(See→ childcareguide_p54)




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