In case of emergency


If you need an ambulance Call 119 and say “Kyukyu-sha onegai shimasu” 救急車おねがいします。(ambulance, please) to the operator. Fire engines and ambulances are available free of charge, but they can be only used in emergencies. Then tell him/her your address clearly. If you have access to a landline (a non-mo[…] [Read More]

Pharmacies open on weekends and Holidays

Most pharmacies are closed on holidays and Sundays. If you need to have your prescription filled on holidays or weekends, please check which pharmacies are open in your neighborhood by calling the Sapporo Pharmacist Association (9 am to 5 pm). Tel: 0120-33-8931 for Chuo-ku, Kita-ku, Higashi-ku, Nish[…] [Read More]

Hospitals open on weekends and holidays


Hospitals on duty are listed here in Japanese updated daily (当番医) 当番医の情報はこちらで毎日更新されています。 (in Japanese)(Translated by google) Emergency hospital list from Sapporo City Web site (Translated by google) Otherwise you can call to Sapporo City Call Center in English fo[…] [Read More]