Benefits for Sapporo citizens

Cancer Screening

If your household is exempt from paying income tax, you can undergo screening for stomach, colon, lungs, cervix, endometrium and breast cancer free of charge. Please submit the tax exemption certificate for all members of your family when you apply. You can receive this certificate from your local w[…] [Read More]

Certificate of benefits High-cost Medical Care

“Kogaku-ryoyo-hi Gendogaku-tekiyo Nintei-sho” for those under 70 years of age 【高額療養費限度額適用認定証70歳未満】 If you/your dependents apply for the issue of the certificate,or Kogaku-ryoyo-hi Gendogaku-tekiyo Nintei-sho which certifies your limit of monthly medical care cost,your payment for the hos[…] [Read More]

Special Offer Benefit for children raised in Hokkaido (どさんこ・子育て特典制度 “Dosanko・Kosodate Tokuten Seido”)

If you are pregnant or have elementary-school children or younger, you will be given a card for special offer benefit.  You may get a variety of services by showing the card to participating stores, such as 5% discount for baby’s goods. The card will be given with Boshi-Techo together at the time of[…] [Read More]

If your household is exempt from paying income tax (2)

Childbirth with Hospitalization Assistance【入院助産制度】 Information from Sapporo city (in Japanese) Information from Hokkaido University International Women’s club Childbirth with Hospitalization Assistance (in English) [Read More]

For all women undergoing screening for cervical or uterine cancer

*See below for age limitation for each screening What is screening for cervical or uterine cancer? There are 2 types of cancer that affect the uterus: cervical cancer which affects the entrance to the uterus known as the cervix and uterine cancer which affects the uterine body. Cervical cancer, pred[…] [Read More]