If you need childcare services / Day Care Center [Nursery / Hoikuen]

The Qualification for applying Authorized Day Care Centers(Nurseries)

Day Care Center will accept your child if :
you and your partner are gainfully employed or are self-employed
(1) for 4 full days or more a week or
(2) work 20 hours or more per week,
(3) if you are pregnant and your due date is approaching or have just given birth, or
(4) if you are sick or injured and cannot take care of your child for more than a month.

Information from Hokkaido University International Women’s club

Please refer to Information from Sapporo City
http://kosodate.city.sapporo.jp/mokuteki/azukeru/hoiku/ninka/835.html(in Japanese)

Information from Sapporo City