Q. How can I ask SEMI to help me? A. Please e-mail us at semisapporo@gmail.com, or send us a message using the Contact form. We will reply as soon as we can.

Q.How can I get an interpreter or a translator in Sapporo? A.There are many times when you may need a translator or interpreter with you. You might have trouble reading Japanese documents, you may be applying for a nursery school for your child or meeting with nursery staff, or you may need help when visiting health centers for consultations and procedures. For these common reasons, there are now two support desks in Sapporo that can assist you. The most common interpreters are available at Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation ((財)札幌国際プラザ): https://www.city.sapporo.jp/city/english/information/international-communication-plaza.html

Please refer to https://semi-sapporo.com/afterbirth/do-you-need-an-i…lator-in-sapporo/for more details.

Q. Can I request a male or female interpreter? A. Male and female interpreters are both available, although currently the majority of SEMI interpreters are female. Please inform us of specific requests when you e-mail us, and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.

Q. I want to see a female doctor. Which hospital should I go to? A. Unfortunately, there are not many female doctors in Sapporo. Please refer to Breast Cancer screening by female doctor and Hospitals, Designated By Sapporo City, For Breast Screening with a Female Doctor

Q. Where can I consult a doctor on holidays or after hours? A. In Sapporo there are hospitals on duty, so please refer to this page.

Q. I was told at the hospital that my child’s pink card has expired. I haven’t received the new one yet. What should I do?

A:Your local ward office may have sent it to you. However, it may have been sent back if your name wasn’t clearly written on your mailbox. Go to your local ward office and inquire about it at the ‘Fukushi Josei Gakari’ (Welfare Subsidy Section). Or if you let us know, we can call them for you. Please refer to this page, and this page,too.

Q. How do I sterilize a bottle? A: Please refer to this page.

Q. Where can I buy “Makiron”? A: Please refer to this page.