Q. How can I ask SEMI to help me?

A. Please e-mail us at semisapporo@gmail.com, or send us a message using the Contact form. We will reply as soon as we can. (We do not accept phone calls.)


Q. Can I request a specific interpreter (male, female, or a previous interpreter)?

A. Currently, SEMI does not have any male interpreters. SEMI does not accept requests for specific interpreters.


Q.I would like to have breast cancer screening by female medical staff. Is it possible?

A. Sapporo provides information on medical institutions that offer uterine and breast cancer screenings by female medical staff.

Medical Institutions for Uterine and Breast Cancer Screening in Sapporo where female medical staff is available. (In Japanese)


Q. Where can I consult a doctor on holidays or after hours?

A. Please refer to this page for availability. 

If you are having difficulty communicating, please call Sapporo Medical Communication Hotline.

A telephone operator will interpret for you when making appointments or inquiries with hospitals via the three-way call function for calls within Sapporo. For further information, see this page:


Q. I was told at the hospital that my child’s pink card has expired. I haven’t received a new one yet. What should I do?

A. Go to your local ward office and inquire about it at the ‘Fukushi Josei Gakari’ (Welfare Subsidy Section). Or ask Sapporo Community Interpreters to call them for you.  Please refer to this page, and this page, too.

We also recommend displaying your name on your mailbox to ensure that you receive your mail.


Q. Are interpreters or translators for non-medical purposes available in Sapporo?

A. SEMI interpreters are only available for medical purposes. Outside of SEMI, there are two support desks in Sapporo that can assist you.

  1. Sapporo Help Desk at Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation ((財)札幌国際プラザ): To help eliminate the language barrier at schools, childcare facilities, ward offices, etc., Sapporo Community Interpreters are available at Sapporo Help Desk. Please refer to this page.
  2. Hokkaido University Life Support: If you are an international student attending Hokkaido University, then the Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education is available to you. It provides a support desk staffed with international students who can answer your questions. https://www.global.hokudai.ac.jp/university-life/discover-campus-life/keeping-informed/ Please refer to the Consultation counters


Q. I’d like to make a donation to SEMI. How can I do this?

A. Please make a bank transfer or provide it directly to your SEMI interpreter. Click here for more information.


Q. How am I supposed to know which hospital or specialist to go to?

A. Please see “How to find a hospital” for this information. If it’s an emergency, click here.