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Hello.  We are a non-profit organization of medical interpreters who would like to assist the international community by helping them communicate in health care settings, formerly known as SEMI (Sapporo English Medical Interpreters’ Group).


SEMI Sapporo members meet four times a month to learn medical terminology and improve their interpreting skills.


Our service is free to international residents living in Sapporo.   Please note, however, that we charge an interpreting fee if you are a corporate client, an agent, a tourist, or someone who does not have Japanese health insurance, etc., depending on your particular circumstances.  If your hospital or clinic requests our services, we will bill them directly. As we only have a small grant to help cover our travel expenses and meetings, we would greatly appreciate your support.  After using our service, if you are satisfied with what we have done for you and are able to support us, we would really appreciate a small donation to our group (any amount is welcome).  We do not accept any dinner invitations or gifts to one particular member.  Your kind donation will be used to subsidize our travel expenses and for our regular study meetings to help us become better medical interpreters.


Alternatively, you can contribute to SEMI Sapporo by coming to our meetings and giving us a talk about your country, your experience at hospitals in Japan, or other interesting topics. We would appreciate the opportunity to learn from you.


Another way of supporting us is to join NPO SEMI Sapporo by becoming a supporting member.

The membership fee for supporting members is 2,000 yen per year (from April to March).

The membership fee for an organization is 50,000 yen per year.


Please feel free to share your opinions with us by emailing us at

We look forward to your support.


NPO SEMI Sapporo (NPO法人SEMIさっぽろ)

Contact person: Megumi Terao



Bank account information

Bank Name: ゆうちょ銀行 Japan Post Bank Co. Ltd.

  • For payments between Japan Post Bank accounts or in cash from its ATM:

Code No.: 19020    Account No.57193441   Tokuhi) SEMI Sapporo

  • For payments from other banks:

Branch: キュウゼロハチ”Kyuzerohachi” (Branch Code:908)

Account Type: フツウ”futsuu” (Savings Account)

Account No.: 5719344  Tokuhi) SEMI Sapporo