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To International residents in Sapporo area:

Do your Japanese language skills stop you from going to see a doctor? Don’t worry! Help is at hand!
We specialize in helping the foreign community see a doctor in English. Spread the word. Let your friends and colleagues know about us. If you need our help or would like to join us, send us a message using the contact form below or e-mail us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

–What we do :
–Interpret for the foreign community at the doctors or hospital.
–Organize in-house medical English seminars
–Interpret for the elderly or new mothers at their homes or at other (health-care) institutions
–Organize seminars for volunteer medical interpreters (Jointly hosted by Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation)
–Organize workshops for the improvement of interpreting skills

All comments are welcome!
Confidentiality guaranteed.

Contact Person : Megumi Terao

SEMI is a non-profit organization.

Volunteer opportunities at NPO SEMI Sapporo:
If you are a native English speaker living “anywhere on earth” and willing to help us with proof-reading as a volunteer, your help would be greatly appreciated.
We need to translate various materials given to patients by hospitals or health centers. These handouts are, in most cases, written in Japanese only.

札幌とその周辺で、病院・保健センターなどに外国人の患者さんからの依頼に応じて医療通訳を派遣しています。 (設立以来の派遣件数2018年3月31日現在 3770件)また、質の高い医療通訳育成のため週1回勉強会を行い、通訳技術、医療英語の知識、英語力全般を高めるために努力し、通訳の役割・守秘義務なども学んでいます。
札幌に住んでいる外国人のために医療通訳として貢献したい方、英語能力・医学知識などでSEMIに貢献してくださる方、連絡をおまちしています。外国人に住みやすい日本をつくるためにあなたの力を貸してください。会員募集しています。(正会員 若干名, 賛助会員及び法人会員募集中)
–Please give us your correct email address or you will not receive our reply.  If you haven’t received our reply in 1 to 3 days, please resend your email.