The service of Child Medicare Card called “Pink card” will be extended to children in sixth grade starting at April 1, 2021.

In particular if your child is younger than 13 years old by the end of academic year (or up to children in sixth grade) and visits a medical institution for the first time, you have to pay only ¥580 for hospital, ¥510 for dentist (for both outpatient visits and hospitalization).

Refer to “a Pink Card” (Child Medicare Card) 子ども医療費受給者証

If your child will be in 5th grade or 6th grade as of April 2021, he/she is eligible for this aid. In such case, the application form will be sent to you. Please send it back by surface mail with other necessary documents between Tuesday Dec. 1 and Friday Dec. 25.  It must arrive to the office before the deadline to obtain an valid card as of April 1, 2021.

Please contact Sapporo City Call Center

Phone: 011-222-4894

Based on information of Sapporo City