Special Offer Benefit for children raised in Hokkaido (どさんこ・子育て特典制度 “Dosanko・Kosodate Tokuten Seido”)

If you are pregnant or have elementary-school children or younger, you will be given a card for special offer benefit.  You may get a variety of services by showing the card to participating stores, such as 5% discount for baby’s goods.

The card will be given with Boshi-Techo together at the time of a pregnant report or during a prenatal home visit.

For details please call a municipal office. If you live in Sapporo, call Sapporo contact center at 011-222-4894.

・Once you receive the card, write the following information on the backside of the card.

  1. parent’s or expectant mother’s name
  2. your child’s name and his/her date of birth特典カード共通マーク
  3. the name of your resident city

・How to get the benefit:

You can find the national logo at participating stores . Then show your card to a salesperson at the store and ask what service you can receive.

Details and lists of the participating stores (in Japanese) are on the following URL:


北海道(どさんこ特典カード)”Dosanko Tokuten card”(PDF:349KB)


division of children’s future promotion at Hokkaido Public Health welfare department                   北海道保健福祉部子ども未来推進局