Obstetrics and Gynecology Emergency Consultation Hotline in Hokkaido in six languages

Now Obstetrics and Gynecology Emergency Consultation service supports 6 languages, English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Malay, and Russian, other than Japanese.

The operation hours are from 7 p.m. to 9 a.m. of the next day.

Obstetrics and gynecology Emergency Consultation Hotline number:  011 (622) 3299

Q: What can I ask them?

A: If you are pregnant and feel sick or after an accident you are not feeling well, tell the nurse/midwife about your condition. He/she will help you decide if your situation requires immediate medical attention and will call an ambulance for you, or give you advice to go to the hospital the next morning or later.

If you are being checked regularly by your doctor, please consult him/her first.

Q: Is there anything that I can’t ask them?

A: Regarding therapy and/or medication currently taken for any disease, please consult your medical provider, as we cannot give advice to you in those areas.

This service is only for pregnant women under emergency situations.

Q: What do I need to tell them?

A: Please give them the needed information (your name, age and symptoms etc.) slowly and calmly..

Questions: Sapporo City Call Center :  011(222)4894

http://www.pref.hokkaido.lg.jp/hf/cis/kyukyu/sanhujinnkasoudan.htm (in Japanese)

based on information from Sapporo city