Measles and Rubella(MR)!

Routine vaccination

Children of certain ages are given free vaccination for measles and rubella.

Because children are most likely to be infected with measles and rubella at the age of 1 to 2 years, we recommend you have your child vaccinated (Phase 1) as early as possible after the age of 1 year.
Monovalent formulation vaccine (such as measles only) gives immunity to more than 95% of children who receive a vaccine; however, second dose of vaccine has
been introduced to cover the failure in immunity and prevent the immunity from diminishing with age.
Even when a child has been vaccinated with measles and rubella vaccine when younger than 1 year, he/she can be vaccinated routinely at the scheduled age specified
in Phase 1.
Phase 2 vaccination is given to a child in the year before starting primary school, i.e., the last year of a kindergarten or nursery school.

*As for the free vaccination for measles and rubella, please refer to the following page 27-29.
Taken from “Vaccination and Children’s Health.pdf 2023”
Written and edited: The Review Committee for Vaccination Guidelines

The Foundation of the Vaccination Research Center