Do you have concerns about your child’s development?

Developmental disabilities are severe, long-term problems. They may be physical, such as blindness. They may affect mental ability, such as learning disabilities. Or the problem can be both physical and mental, such as Down syndrome. (by Medline plus)

Intellectual disability is a condition diagnosed before age 18 that includes below-average intellectual function and a lack of skills necessary for daily living. (according to Intellectual disability by Medline plus The link is to 


If you suspect that your child has developmental disorder including intellectual developmental disorder, local government will support you. Please read this leaflet (PDF【英語版 / English 】) offered by National Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Disabilities,  Information and Support Center for Persons with Developmental Disorders ( 国立障害者リハビリテーションセンター 発達障害情報・支援センター