Information on Maternity Health Checkup Tests

Information on Maternity Health Checkup Tests 【妊娠時各種検査料のご案内】

Since pregnancy in not an illness, these checkups are not covered by Health Insurance.

The prices listed here are those of Kin-ikyo Sapporo Hospital.

Test Fee
Maternity Health Checkup Women (2nd visit or more) ¥3.000
Fee for blood tests (general) ¥115
Blood Test for Anemia ¥1.350
Antibody Test for Rubella ¥1.000
Serologic Test for Syphilis ¥1.000
Blood Type Test ¥700
Blood Test for Thyroid Function< ¥1.500
Antibody Test for ATLV (Leukemia) ¥1.500
Antibody Test for HCV (Hepatitis C) ¥2.500
Antibody Test for HBS (Hepatitis B) ¥600
HIV Test ¥2.500
Antibody Test for Toxoplasma ¥1.000
Vaginal Discharge Test for Group B Streptococcus ¥3.100
Indirect Coombs Test ¥340
Non Stress Test (monitoring your baby’s heartbeat) ¥1.000
Maternity Ultrasound ¥3.500
Private Ultrasound ¥5.300


Covered by Health Insurance pay 30%
Ultrasound ¥1.590


You can use free maternity coupons issued by Sapporo city or other municipalities.

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