Free Online Seminar for Foreign Parents “Applying to Public Daycare Centers 2022”

This seminar will be held for foreign parents who are considering using a day-care center, inviting a lecturer from Bureau for the Future of Children, City of Sapporo to introduce how to apply for a day-care center and the types of day-care centers. In the second half of the seminar, there will be a talk by a guest speaker who experienced the application process for daycare facilities in Sapporo, followed by Q&A session.


Date: October 8, (Fri)

  1. English part: 13:00-14:00
  2. Chinese part: 15:00-16:00

* This seminar will be held online by using Zoom. When applying, please select the language you prefer to participate in. Both English and Chinese part will have interpreters.

How to apply:

Please apply through the following URL or QR cord.


Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation 
*Please replace (at) with @ when sending an email to them.