The voluntary Mumps vaccination will be subsidized starting on Aug. 1, 2019.

If your child is between the ages of 12 and 36 months old, is living in Sapporo, has never had Mumps, and has not received the Mumps vaccination prior to Aug. 1, 2019, s/he can receive the Mumps vaccination at a subsidized rate. Designated healthcare facilities by Sapporo city will subtract¥3,000 from the vaccination fee. You will still be responsible for the remaining fee. Please pay the rest of the vaccination fee that is charged to you. This service can be redeemed once per child.

To find a designated healthcare facility near you, please refer to the Japanese list of  designated hospitals and clinics.


What to bring:

-Health insurance card or something showing your baby’s name, birthday, and address,
-“Boshi-Techo” (maternal and child handbook), and
Vaccination questionnaire

Prevention and control Section of Infectious disease, Sapporo Public Health Office