Soft chairs (We do not recommend the use of soft chairs.)

The use of soft chairs is not recommended.

That’s because it does not train your baby to sit properly.

Even if a 3-4 month old baby seems able to sit on a soft chair, it does not necessarily mean that the baby can already sit upright. This happens only because the soft chair tends to wrap around and support the baby’s waist and hips tightly. When you try to make the baby sit on a firm surface, without the chair, you will notice the unstable and shaky movement immediately. Young infants under six months of age, in general, cannot hold the body upright and cannot support their bodies yet using their hands.  Ideally, children should learn how to sit upright properly on their own, through the help of their hands.

The BUMBO manufacturer warns the consumer/user of the danger the chair may cause the baby, specifically, the risk of falling backwards.

Our opinion:

We do not recommend the use of soft chairs, Hip joints are developed through the free movement of legs after birth. Normal development of hip joints may be put at risk when the baby’s movements are restricted. If you have no choice, use it for a short time only.

If you have no choice, do remember・・・

Use the product for a short time only, like when you feed the baby and/or when you bathe the baby.

Keiko Fukuyama M.D.