Birth Notification in Sapporo

When a baby is born, several registrations are needed in Japan:
Visit your ward office soon after the baby is born. Have Ⅰ―1 to Ⅰ―6 processes done there. For Ⅰ―7 you don’t need to do anything at the ward office. Just wait until a postcard is sent to you.
Next visit the regional immigration office for Process Ⅱ within 30 days.

Refer to Procedures following the Birth of  a Child in Sapporo

Ⅰ―1: Register the baby at your ward office within 14 days after birth

While you are still in the hospital you will receive a document called the “shussei shoumei sho 出生証明書”(Proof of Birth) in Japanese from your hospital. Bring this document and your ”Boshi-techo” 母子手帳(Maternal and Child Health Handbook) to your ward office.
In this document, the certificate proving birth is on the right hand side and the birth notification (“shussei todoke” 出生届)is on the left hand side. You have to fill in the blanks on the birth notification on the left hand side. The names of the baby and his/her parents should be written in both English and Japanese Katakana in the same order that you’ll register them in your country.

The method for notifying your country of the birth of a baby varies from country to country.
Please contact your embassy for details.
For example, you may need the document “Proof of Birth” in Japanese issued by your hospital. Or you may need to have an English birth certificate written by your obstetrician.
Sometimes you may be required to submit a translation of birth certificates (from Japanese to your mother language) with /without a notary certificate.

Often a few photocopies of the document “Proof of Birth” are needed, so we suggest that you do, and keep on hand, some photocopies in case you need them to register the birth with your country, etc.
The original document “Proof of Birth” will not be returned after you submit it to your ward office. You can obtain copies of the“Certificate of Acceptance of Birth Notification (shussei todoke jyuri syoumei sho 出生届受理証明書)” or “Certificate of Entry in the Resident Card” (kisaijikou syoumeisyo 記載事項証明書) for 350yen each after registering your baby.

If you are a member of National Health Insurance, visit the Health Insurance and Pension Department (Hokennenkin-ka保険年金課) at your ward office at the same time as the Registration of Birth. If you have other health insurance, ask your employer or insurance provider about the procedure of Ⅰ-2 and Ⅰ-3

Refer to The Employees’ Health Insurance (EHI) and the Employees’ Pension Insurance (EPI) by Japan Pension service (in English)


Ⅰ―2: Enroll your baby in the Health Insurance Program

Ⅰ―3: Reminder of your lump-sum allowance for child birth (shussan ikuji ichiji kin 出産育児一時金) if it exceeds your actual delivery expense

Refer to Delivery expense >【出産育児一時金】Lump-sum allowance for childbirth and nursing

You will be able to claim a refund of the balance at your ward office, if your actual delivery expense was less than the lump-sum allowance and you are a national health insurance member. Bring your bank account information. If you are not a national health insurance member, ask your employer or insurance provider.

Ⅰ―4: To obtain subsidies for children up to the age of 15 years, apply for Child Medical Expense Subsidy Card, or “Pink Card” after receiving health insurance card with your baby’s name  on it.

Refer to Child Medical Expenses Subsidy 【子ども医療費助成】

Ⅰ―5: Apply for Child Allowance (jidou teate 児童手当)

Child allowances are offered to those raising children, up until the first March 31 after the child’s 15th birthday. The allowance will be issued the month following the completion of application procedures (there are income-based limitations). Visit the ward office where you live for details.
Note: Bring your health insurance card and bank book.
Every year you have to send a confirmation of household status and income to continue to receive this allowance.

Birth Report [downloadable]

Refer to Child Allowance

Ⅰ―6: Report to the Health Center

A birth report card (shussan renraku hyo出産連絡票) in English is contained in the Maternal and Child Health Handbook. Inform your local health center by putting the card in a post box placed inside your ward office. A maternity nurse from the health center visits homes to offer consultation on newborn infant care.
Or you can use the form on the right.

Ⅰ―7: Designated disposal bags for families will be provided free of charge after birth registration

Our city will give you disposable bags in bulk for the use of babies’ waste.
The amount can be enough for your baby up until he/she becomes 2 years old.
By the beginning of the third month from birth registration, an exchange ticket (a post card) for designated disposal bags will be sent to you. You can receive them by submitting this ticket at the designated post office written on it. You can choose either 10 liter bags or 20 liter bags.

Refer to Free disposable bags in bulk for the use of babies’ waste.(in Japanese)

Ⅱ Obtain a Status of Residence at a regional immigration office within 30 days after birth

Bring the Boshi-techo, parents’ resident cards and passports and your family members’ resident certificate (jyu-min hyou no utsushi 住民票の写し)
If one of the parents is a student, a certificate of enrollment, certificate of scholarship, withholding slip (a certificate of tax deducted at the source) and the bank book which shows your living expenses are necessary.

Please refer to:
Application for Permission to Acquire Status of Residence:
Address: Chuo-ku Odori Nishi12
Tel: 011- 261-7502