Exercises for lower back pain(1)

Do you have back pain? Try these exercises every day to alleviate lower back pain, stretch and strengthen your back muscles. These muscle treatments will not only ease but also prevent any back pain you might have.

Exercises for lower back pain (1)  Exercise Stretches


  1. Pace yourself and do not try to exercise too vigorously.
  2. Control your movements without any force or momentum.
  3. Begin by doing each exercise for about 5 seconds, and increase it to 10 seconds, then 15 seconds. Repeat this pattern 2 to 3 times per set and ensure to complete one or two sets per day.


Lie on your back. While keeping your feet on the floor, bend your knees.  Hold one knee with both hands and bring your knee to your chest.  Repeat the same process with your other knee.



Lie on your back with one leg straight on the floor. Hold your other leg with both hands and bring your knee to your chest.



Hold your knees with both hands and bring them to your chest.




Bring your knees up while keeping your feet on the floor. Move your knees so that they are facing one side and ensure that your shoulders should stay flat on the floor.



Cross your left leg over your right knee and roll both legs over to the left. Switch sides and repeat. (This help to enhance the technique shown in Step 4.)


Sit on the edge of a bed and straighten your knee so that it comes to a full extension, all the way to the back of the knee, as shown in the picture.




Extend and stretch one knee and cross or bend the your other leg as shown in the picture.



Stretch your Achilles’ tendon as shown in the picture.





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