Baby Walker    (We do not recommend the use of Baby Walker.)

Beware of accident

Baby walkers are being sold and used in Japan. Canada has banned the selling of baby walkers for ten years. In the USA only one type is allowed to be sold. Baby walkers have been banned because they frequently fall over and the babies fall out, causing head injuries and sometimes even death. (In the USA more than 14,000 cases of bone fracture, brain concussion and other injuries were reported for one year.)


It doesn’t promote independent walking

Infants in baby walkers are observed to kick against the floor, and this does not help the development of independent walking. Baby walker hinders the development of muscles necessary for supporting infants’ body weight and it also hinders the learning of balanced standing. It interferes with infants’ learning to tumble safely, i.e., to thrust out one’s hands, or to land on one’s rear when falling or tumbling.


If you have no choice, do remember・・・a_baby_walker_royalty_free_clipart_picture_100129-003011-588053

It is appropriate only for the infants older than 6 or 7 months of age. Lock the wheels so that the baby walker does not move or roll freely, and give your baby a ride on it, while you keep an eye on your baby. Use it only when you cannot let your baby lie down alone.

Keiko Fukuyama M.D.