Screening tests

Sapporo City Hospital Breast Center (乳腺外来“Nyu-sen Gairai”)

                      Services and Information Have you noticed any of these symptoms, lumps in breast or newly appeared skin dimpling in breast or nipple discharge?  Do you need further diagnostic services after a previous breast screening? Sapporo City Hospital Breast Center offers services by app[…] [Read More]

Where can you get HIV tested in Sapporo?

To get HIV tested in Sapporo, go to Public Health Centers and CiRCLE SAPPORO. They offer anonymous HIV test and consultation free of charge. You can also get tested at many medical clinics and hospitals at your own expense. Sapporo Public Health Centers札幌市保健センター ( in English)[…] [Read More]

Free coupon(s) from Sapporo City for cervical and breast cancer screening

You will receive this letter from Sapporo city in late June. and find the free coupon(s)  for cancer screening test(s) enclosed, if you are eligible. URL: URL: by google) There ar[…] [Read More]

Cancer Screening

If your household is exempt from paying income tax, you can undergo screening for stomach, colon, lungs, cervix, endometrium and breast free of charge. Please submit the tax exemption certificate for all members of your family when you apply. You can get this certificate at your local ward office or[…] [Read More]

Free Rubella Antibody Test for preventing Congenital Rubella Syndrome(CRS)

Sapporo-city offers the rubella test starting on Tuesday August 1, 2017 in order to prevent a baby from CRS. Please refer to Congenital Rubella Syndrome by CDC Tests (GBS, Rubella):For those who are not immune to rubella Who is eligible for the free test? Women who wish to conceive a baby. The partn[…] [Read More]

Mass screening in Sapporo City

Neonatal Screening ( Inborn Errors of Metabolism, Congenital Hypothyroidism(CH) Screening, Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia(CAH) Screening) Neonatal screening is a test that can identify over 20 different disorders in newborns with only a few drops of their blood. The test aims to support the healthy […] [Read More]

Hospitals, Designated By Sapporo City, For Breast Screenings With A Female Doctor

Hospitals designated by Sapporo city are offering free breast screenings or a price discount to people who are eligible for this service. For example, for women over 40 and under 50 the cost of screening with the discount is only ¥1,800 and the cost for women over 50 is only ¥1,400. The hospital wil[…] [Read More]

Breast Cancer screening by female doctor

An Invitation for Breast cancer screening Are you looking for a female doctor? Female doctors who specialize in breast screening are at Sapporo City General Hospital, Kin-ikyo Chuo Hospital and Sapporo Female Clinic. How to get the screening? At Sapporo City General Hospital Tel: 726-2211 Fax: 726-7[…] [Read More]

Screening for Hepatitis B and C will be provided free of charge by Sapporo City

If you have never had any screening for HB and/or HC, this service is provided free of charge. Please bring your health insurance card or ID, that shows your name, date of birth and address, for the test at a designated hospital or clinic. Call the Sapporo city Contact Center at 222-4894 for details[…] [Read More]

The Cervical Cancer Vaccine

The Cervical Cancer Vaccine ● Cervical cancer is caused by certain carcinogenic (cancer causing) types of the sexually transmitted Human Papillomavirus (HPV) ● Of these types over 70% of women who develop cervical cancer in their 20s and 30s are found to be infected with HPV 16 and 18. ● The cervica[…] [Read More]

For all women undergoing screening for cervical or uterine cancer

*See below for age limitation for each screening What is screening for cervical or uterine cancer? There are 2 types of cancer that affect the uterus: cervical cancer which affects the entrance to the uterus known as the cervix and uterine cancer which affects the uterine body. Cervical cancer, pred[…] [Read More]