How to go to a hospital

“a pink card” (Child Medicare Card) 子ども医療費受給者証

Sapporo city offers medical subsidies for children up to 15 years old (by the end of academic year). Especially if your child is younger than 9 years old by the end of academic year (or up to children in second grade) and visits a medical institute for the first time, you have to pay only ¥580 for h[…] [Read More]

How to find a hospital

You will need to go to a hospital if you are sick. Most clinics and hospitals are open during the daytime on weekdays only. They are closed on Saturday afternoon, Sunday, and public holidays. To find a hospital or clinic, refer to” Hokkaido emergency healthcare homepage” ( 北海道救急医療・広域災害情報システム) If you[…] [Read More]

For safe travels in Japan – Guide for when you are feeling ill

This is the Official Guide to help you receive medical care in Japan. The medical institution search service is included in this guide. Guidebook for when you are feeling ill. Japan National Tourism […] [Read More]

Female Doctors

This article has been withdrawn to check information for accuracy. Please e-mail us, if you need information about female doctors practicing in Sapporo. [Read More]

Emergency Relief Center in Sapporo is available for non-Japanese speakers

Should I call an ambulance? Does the person have an injury or is the person’s condition life threatening?  If the answer is yes to either of the questions or if you are unsure, there is a telephone consultation service available 24 hours 7 days a week, headquartered at Emergency Relief Center,[…] [Read More]

Pediatric emergency telephone consultation programs (abbreviated dial “#8000”) in Japanese in English, translated by google If you are not sure if you should take your sick child to the hospital / clinic or do not and need to know how you should take care o[…] [Read More]

Obstetrics and Gynecology Emergency Consultation Hotline in Hokkaido in six languages

Now Obstetrics and Gynecology Emergency Consultation service supports 6 languages, English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Malay, and Russian, other than Japanese. The operation hours are from 7 p.m. to 9 a.m. of the next day. Obstetrics and gynecology Emergency Consultation Hotline number:  011 (622) 3299 […] [Read More]

How to have your prescription filled

In Japan, the prescription you receive from your doctor is valid only for 4 days. So please go to any prescription pharmacy and have it filled within 4 days. Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Most pharmacies are closed on holidays and Sundays. If you need to have your prescription filled on hol[…] [Read More]