Maternity check-up

Vaginal discharge test for Group B Streptococcus Infection (GBS)

Blood tests, vaginal discharge tests and ultrasound tests are used in screening for pregnancy and as part of your prenatal care. Please refer to “Examples of Maternity Checkups” Rubella is one of the items assessed by a blood test and GBS is done by a vaginal discharge test. Group B Streptococcus In[…] [Read More]

For those who are not immune to rubella

Rubella (German measles) is an infection caused by the rubella virus. It is usually a mild illness that causes a rash, sore throat and swollen glands. It occurs most commonly in young children, but can affect anyone. It is usually mild. However, if you are pregnant and catch rubella, it can cause se[…] [Read More]

Free Rubella Antibody Test for preventing Congenital Rubella Syndrome(CRS)

Sapporo-city offers the rubella test starting on Tuesday August 1, 2017 in order to prevent a baby from CRS. Please refer to Congenital Rubella Syndrome by CDC Blood Test: For those who are not immune to rubella Who is eligible for the free test? Women who wish to conceive a baby. The partner of a p[…] [Read More]

Home visits for women who are in their first pregnancy.

Are you worried about pregnancy? A midwife or a public health nurse will visit your home if you are expecting your first baby and are 5 or more months pregnant. The midwife will offer consultation if you have any concerns about caring for the baby after s/he is born, etc. The midwife will share advi[…] [Read More]

More tests have been added to pregnant check-up coupons

As of April 2016, * The Irregular antibody test and Pap Smear are now covered as items in pregnant check-up coupons. The Irregular antibody test is covered by the blood test coupon and the Pap smear is covered by  the vaginal discharge test coupon in the first trimester.. If you received the Materna[…] [Read More]

For those who use free maternity health checkup coupons issued by Sapporo city

When you have you health checkup, please hand the coupon to your midwife. She will take them as needed and the price below is deducted from your payment. 1st visit ¥10.590~¥12.040 Use this when you have a blood test. Price varies depending on the test. 2nd visit ¥4.920  Use this when you have vagina[…] [Read More]

Maternity check-up calender

Examples of Maternity Checkups An example of standard maternity check-up at hospital or clinic shown on the homepage of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. English) Jap[…] [Read More]

Prices on Maternity Health Checkup Tests

Prices on Maternity Health Checkup Tests 【妊娠時各種検査料のご案内】 Since pregnancy in not an illness, these checkups are not covered by Health Insurance. The prices listed here are those of Kin-ikyo Sapporo Hospital. Test Fee Maternity Health Checkup Women (2nd visit or more) ¥3.000 Fee for blood tests (genera[…] [Read More]

Maternal and Child Health Handbook

Maternal and Child Health Handbook 【母子手帳】 You will receive this package. Maternity checkup is very important for mothers and babies. Once you find you are pregnant, find your doctor as soon as possible and have a regular maternity checkup for safe delivery and healthy baby. You will receive weight c[…] [Read More]

The Japan Obstetric Compensation System for Cerebral Palsy

【産科医療補償制度】 To Expectant Mothers and their Families Aiming for higher quality maternity care Guide to The Japan Obstetric Compensation System for Cerebral Palsy Information from Japan Council for Quality Health Care: [Read More]