Delivery expense

If your household is exempt from paying income tax (2)

【入院助産制度】(にゅういんじょさんせいど)”Nyuin Josan Seido” Childbirth Assistance Program Subsidy for hospitalization and birth is offered by Sapporo City for those who fulfill the requirements. Information from Sapporo city (in Japanese) Midwifery Fa[…] [Read More]

Lump-sum allowance

【出産育児一時金】 Lump-sum allowance for childbirth and nursing As the childbirth is not a disease, it is not covered by Health Insurance and it will cost between 300.000 and 500.000 yen to give birth in Japan. If you are covered by any of the Japanese Health Insurance system, your Health Insurance Associat[…] [Read More]

For those mothers scheduled to have a C-Section

Please show “Gendogaku Tekiyou Ninteisho” (限度額適用認定書): Certificate for excess medical fee Health insurance system does not cover the cost of normal delivery but covers the partial cost of C-Section. If the medical charge is very expensive, you can receive an allowance for sizable medical expenses. Pr[…] [Read More]