Non-Routine Vaccine Prices

Non-Routine Vaccines:Price

Mumps vaccine : given twice after the age of 1 years and at 4-6 years of age・・・・¥5,400/shot×2  Influenza Vaccine: Given yearly before winter approaches Twice for children aged between 6 months and 12 years・・・・¥2,160/ shot×2  Once for children over 13 years・・・・・・¥2,600  Hepatitis A vaccine : Given twice. The third shot after 6 months is recommended. Available for children over 1 year old.・・・・¥5,400/ shot×2-3  Chicken Pox Vaccine for Adults: To prevent Shingles the same vaccine is provided for people over 50 years old・・・・¥8,100 / shot              *The prices listed here are those of Kin-ikyo Kikusui Kodomo Clinic.

Routine or Non-Routine Vaccination: depending on medical indications

Hepatitis B vaccine  Given 3 times at least 3 weeks apart   (a) Free: for babies born to hepatitis B positive mothers   (b) At a price: for anyone who requests it・・・・¥5,400×3

Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine (Routine)

Given 4 times, available from 6 months old,recommended for over 3 years. 【It was not recommended due to the possible serious side effect (ADEM: Acute Disseminated Encephalo-Myelitis ). Recently a new vaccination has been approved which has less side effects.】  ・・・・¥5,940×4 for people not eligible.

Vaccines not normally available in Japan.

(*:Some are available only at special hospitals: Please consult your pediatrician if you would like to have more information) ・OPV ( Oral Polio Vaccine) ・Rabies Vaccine(*) ・Typhoid Vaccine (*) ・MCV(Meningococcal Vaccine)=ACWY (*) ・Yellow fever vaccine (available at OTARU Quarantine Station)

Only available for premature babies (< 36 weeks GA) and for those with chronic lung and/or heart disease.

(Free)Antibodies against RS virus: five times in one season for babies under 6 months born prematurely

Keiko Fukuyama M.D. & Nobuko Kawamata M.D.