“a pink card” (Child Medicare Card) 子ども医療費受給者証

If you have “a pink card” for your child/ren, please check it!
It expires at the end of July. If you are eligible, you might have received a letter to renew it at the beginning of July. Please contact your local ward office if you have any questions. Please remember that if you come across any language problems at the public facilities run by City of Sapporo such as ward offices or health centers, ask the staff to call the Sapporo City Call Center (011-222-4894) and they will give you the language support on the telephone.

Or you can e-mail to Sapporo City Call Center (info4894@city.sapporo.jp) in English to get more information about the pink card or other issues related to City of Sapporo. You can take a picture of the letter in Japanese or your expired pink card and attach it to your e-mail if you want to make clear what you are asking.

Please refer to the page “how to find a hospital”.