About Us

SINCE 2009…

Since we started SEMI in April of 2009, we have sent our interpreters more than 3.000 times. (56, 113, 197, 333, 393, 536, 603, 850 as of March 31, 2017 ).

As interpreters, we have been to a variety of hospitals and clinics, including ObGyn
(obstetrics & gynecology), pediatrics, internal medicine (including endocrinology, cardiology,
gastroenterology), orthopedics, urology, neurology, pain clinic, ophthalmology (eye), ear nose &
throat, dermatology, pediatric surgery (including circumcision), plastic surgery, general surgery,
anesthesiology, in-patient stays, and rehabilitation.

We have also sent interpreters to maternity classes, midwives’ home visits for newborn babies and mothers, well-baby check-ups and vaccinations at the health center, parents’ conference with caregivers, and consultations with dietitians at Hoikuen (day care facilities.).

Currently, we have 23 members. We meet for a few hours 3-4 times a month near Sapporo station and study together to improve our English ability and interpreting skills and to learn medical terminology and medical interpreters’ code of ethics

After we receive a request for an interpreter by email, we will check to see who is available for assignment. The assigned interpreter (or the contact person) will then send an email back to the client. After we obtain the required information, we will decide the place, time and date to meet.

We appreciate when clients give us information on his/her medical condition so that we are better prepared. We also appreciate that the clients send us their requests in advance if they know of their hospital visit date since we have a limited number of interpreters.

To clarify, we are interpreters, not translators so we do not accept any requests to translate documents. However, we occasionally need to translate documents since most of the documents hospitals provide are written in Japanese, as well as the Sapporo city website and most hospital websites.


We are supported by many people who provide proofreading voluntarily from all over the world:
Naomi, in USA, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center ,
Adrian Hooker, Australian in Sapporo,
Ronna, in USA,
Teresa Sem, in USA,
Mark Holloway, New Zealander in Sapporo, Health Hokkaido,
Michael Mielke, Canadian in Sapporo, Little Tree English School,
Peng Pheng Tan, Malaysian in Sapporo, Hokkaido University,
J.B. Hardwick,
Richard Jones, American in Sapporo,
Marika Ohtani, Briton in Niseko,
Thomas Domingo, American in Muroran,
Brian Nielsen, Australian, Hokkai Gakuen University,
Jessica Wakefield, in USA.

Thank you very much for your time and input. We couldn’t do it without you!


These are photos for some of the SEMI members.

*Place the cursor over the member’s face, and his/her first name will appear.