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Let’s learn about Childcare Services and Child Health Care in Sapporo!


This is a seminar about childcare services in Sapporo, and maternal and child health care consisting of vaccination processes, check-ups, etc. for foreign citizens who are going to become parents soon and/or parents nursing a child up to the age of 3 in Sapporo. The second half of the program will o[…] [Read More]

Infectious diseases that prevent a child from attending day care without permission from a doctor.


The purpose of this form is to be able to have a sick child return to daycare. Day care center is where infants and children spend quite a long time participating in group activities. His /her doctor will submit the observation regarding his/her infectious disease condition that is listed in chart b[…] [Read More]

Emergency Childcare Support


If my child gets sick and I can’t stay home to take care of him, what shall I do? There are some services available for your children. Be prepared ahead of time for this emergency situation. 1. Day Service for Recuperating Children and Infants (Child Health Support Day- Service) If a child is recove[…] [Read More]

Sapporo Childcare Guide 2017 in English

childcare guide2017

Sapporo Childcare Guide 2017 (revised edition of 2016) ”さっぽろ子育てガイド 2017″ An English version of the “Sapporo Childcare Guide” prepared by the City of Sapporo has been uploaded on the English Website of the Sapporo International Plaza. Information is available regarding childcare in Sapporo. Ple[…] [Read More]

Sapporo Childcare Guide 2017 in Japanese

Sapporo Childcare Guide 2017 in Japanese The Japanese version of the “Sapporo Childcare Guide 2017” by the City of Sapporo was uploaded on i-Kohoshi (i広報誌). さっぽろ子育てガイド 平成29年度版 “Sapporo Kosodate Gaido Heisei 29 nendo-ban”  Contact: Sapporo International Plaza Foundation TEL: 011-211-2105 [Read More]

“おおどりんこOdorinko”, parent and baby, and parents-to-be group hold English Support Day in downtown Sapporo.


The City of Sapporo hosts child-raising classes at various venues (e.g., childcare support facilities, neighborhood halls, elementary schools) allowing parents with pre-school children and couples thinking about having children to meet and socialize freely. ”まちかどキッズサロン おおどりんこMachinaka Kids Salon Odo[…] [Read More]

If you would like to enroll your child to daycare facility (hoikuen) starting next April 2017, the application deadline is December 12th.


For admission on April 1, 2017, please submit the documents to the Children & Family Welfare Section (健康・子ども課”Kenko-Kodomo Ka”) of the regional ward office between November 1, 2016(Tue.) and December 12, 2016(Mon.) Applications for enrolling in childcare facilities Applications for enrolling in […] [Read More]

Useful expression at Day care


Japanese Conversations Lesson Teacher : おうち での ようすは どうでしたか? How was your baby at home ? Mother/Father : 1.きげん  が  よかった  です。:  S/he was in good mood. きげん  が  わるかった  です。  :  S/he was fussy. 2.おもちゃ を みて わらって いました。 : S/he smiled at his/her toy. わたし を みて わらって いました。 : S/he smiled at me. 3.よく のみます。 : S/he […] [Read More]

Additionally, the following new Day Care Centers will open on Apr. 1st 2014


Additionally, the following new Day Care Centers will open on Apr. 1st 2014. If you want your children to go to Day Care Centers from April 1st 2014, at the beginning of academic year, please apply by Friday, February 21st. Fees vary depending on your household income. The selection of applicants wi[…] [Read More]

The following new Day Care Centers opened on Apr. 1st 2013.


The following new Day Care Centers opened on Apr. 1st 2013. Center Name Address Ward Capacity Dream kids (*1) ドリームキッズ保育園 Higashi-Barato 1-1 Kita-ku 60 Art Child Care Sapporo, Yurigahara (*1) アートチャイルドケア札幌 百合が原 Yurigahara 1 Kita-ku 90 Shirayuki-Yume (*1) しらゆき夢保育園 Kita46 Higashi14 Higashi-ku 90 Asafu-M[…] [Read More]

If you need childcare services / Day Care Center [Nursery / Hoikuen]

The Qualification for applying Authorized Day Care Centers(Nurseries) Day Care Center will accept your child if : you and your partner are gainfully employed or are self-employed (1) for 4 full days or more a week or (2) work 20 hours or more per week, (3) if you are pregnant and your due date is ap[…] [Read More]

Nursery choice

If you need childcare services 【Day Care Center/Hoikuen保育園】 The Day Care Center might not be able to accept your child immediately because there are a lot of children on the waiting list. If both parents work full-time, they have priority. If you want your child to go to Day Care Center from April 1[…] [Read More]